Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hopes & Dreams

C: "Mom, guess what I wrote for my hope and dream for second grade?"

Me: "What?"

C: "My hope and dream for second grade is to learn more about geometry!!"


Definitely his father's son....

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back to School Survey

O started Kindergarten last week. C, now an experienced second grader, didn't seem too phased by the start of school, but O was much more hesitant. Thankfully, despite a few tearful anticipatory days, the actual start went smoothly and he came home brimming with excitement about all his new "best friends". It apparently only takes half a day to earn that moniker in his book! In an attempt to learn more about each child, O's teacher sent home a list of questions to ask our children. We had to record the answers word for word and send the responses back to school.

I thought some of O's answers were funny, so I wanted to write them down!

What are some things you like to do?
"Play video games, play board games, and play outside."

What is reading?
"Reading is when you look at a book and you can read out loud and also in your head."

Why do you need to know how to read?
"So you can be a school teacher and read books to the kids."

Can you read? "Yes"
If yes, what do you read?
"I read Curious George and other books."

How did you learn to read?
"I watched Mommy read, so I got it."

How do you think you will learn to read?
"I already know how!"

What is writing?
"Writing is when you write something on a piece of paper, but if you make a mistake it's ok."

Do you like to write? "Kind of"
If no, why not?
"Because it's a bit tiring."

Why do people write?
"Because they want to tell other people what they wrote."

Ready to take on the world!