Monday, March 25, 2013

Beginning Dictionary

Every year the boys' elementary school has a used book sale. It's a great event. Families donate their used books, the school librarian gets the first pass to grab all books she thinks would be good for the school library, and then students and staff visit the sale to choose some treasures for themselves. All the books cost $0.25-$1 and the several hundred dollars made from the sale goes to the school to fund other activities. Last year, C was thrilled to come home with 6-7 books for less than $2.

I've been very frazzled lately since my mom had a knee replacement a couple of weeks ago and all my spare time has been spent driving back and forth to visit her in the hospital and rehab. So the book sale snuck up on me. I had grand plans to donate a whole bunch of books, but that didn't happen. And on the first day of the sale I even forgot to send C with his $2.

When I picked him up that day, I apologized profusely for forgetting to give him the money.

C: "It's ok, Mom. Mr. G said that anyone who forgot their money today can go back first thing tomorrow morning if they remember their money tomorrow. I just hope the one book I really want is still there!"

Me: "What did you want to buy?" I assumed it was one of the latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Magic Treehouse books.

C: "Mom! I know exactly what I want to get! It was the coolest book there! It's a Beginning Dictionary!"

Me: "A Dictionary? You want to buy a dictionary?" I was confused.

C: "Yeah, Mom! It's so cool! It says "Beginning" Dictionary and I thought that was perfect for me! I know you and Dad already have a Dictionary, but I thought I could start with the Beginning Dictionary. I really hope it's still there tomorrow."

 Me: "I think that's a great idea. I hope it is still there. It probably will be." I said, smiling.

C: "Yeah, I was really worried someone else would buy it but Mr G. said that I shouldn't worry about it. He says the Dictionaries are usually there until the very end of the sale. I don't know why, because they are so awesome!!"

The next day, I sent C off with his money and when he came home beaming, I knew he had secured his prize.

C: "It was still there Mom! I got it! I got the Beginning Dictionary!" he exclaimed. "Do you know that even though it was in the kids section, they said it was an adult book and it cost $1. But that's ok, because the only thing I really wanted to get this year was the Dictionary."

C was thrilled to show off his new Dictionary to Hubby when he got home from work that night.

C: "Look Dad! Look! I got a Dictionary! Isn't it great!"

Hubby: "Wow C, of all the books, you picked a dictionary?"

"Me: "Yes, Hubby! Isn't that wonderful? What a great choice!" I said sternly. "I used to love to look at all the words in the dictionary when I was a kid. I still love to look up words! C picked a great book!"

Hubby: "Oh C, there you go, encouraging your mother and her love of dictionaries...(sigh)... It is great! Why don't you show it to me?"

As C went to go grab his dictionary. Hubby whispered to me: "You know, it is a little nerdy to buy a dictionary...of all the choices, he picked a dictionary? I wonder what the other kids thought of that?"

Me: "It's fine. Don't discourage him!!"
But I too wondered what the other kids had said about C's choice. So when C returned, I asked him. "So C, what did your classmates think of your dictionary?

C: "They thought it was awesome! Most of them didn't even see the dictionaries. But after they saw me buying a dictionary, a bunch of them went and bought dictionaries too! At least 4 of my friends bought dictionaries after I did."

Me: "Well, isn't that great! Look at that, Hubby! C started a dictionary buying trend!"

C: "I'm going to look up 'trend', Mom. Hmmm....'A direction or course that seems to be followed.' You're right! I did start a trend."

Beginning Dictionary circa 1987

C's fallen asleep with it almost every night since...

And he was right. It is an awesome book! It has color pictures and everything!


I'm so proud of my little guy for choosing something a little different. And grateful that he thinks dictionaries are cool. Just like I do!