Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Not only does Baby A watch more TV than his brothers ever did at age 2, but he also watches very different programming. He's never once watched Sesame Street because his brothers are "too old" for that show. But he's learned all of the Sesame Street characters from books and strangely enough, he still loves Elmo, despite never having watched "Elmo's World". Baby A's diapers also have Sesame Street characters on them, and he will often sort through them to find his character of choice for that day ("Eh-mo, Tootie Monstah, or Oska Chouch").

One morning when he chose a Cookie Monster diaper, I asked him, "What does Cookie Monster eat?"

Baby A replied very emphatically, "Fruit!"

"Fruit?" I asked. "Doesn't he eat cookies?"

Baby A said again, "No....Fruit!"

I guess maybe he's somehow picked up on Sesame Street's healthier Cookie campaign after all....