Monday, February 7, 2011

Middle Child

Since the arrival of A, O has obviously become our middle child. Knowing that lots of people think of this as a negative, I started hyping up the coolness of this position months ago. "You know, C only gets to be a big brother, and A only gets to be a little brother, but YOU get to be both. Isn't that so awesome?!" I told him over and over. But he was really just excited to finally be a big brother like C, and didn't seem to really care about also being a little brother. So I didn't think my propaganda campaign worked. Until this afternoon.

When A woke up, O came running over and started jumping up and down frantically.

O: "Hi Baby A! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!"

Me: "Wow, you're always so excited when he's awake! You really like having a little brother, don't you?"

O: "Yeah! He's the little brother, and I'm the big."

Me: "That's right."

O: "But not the biggest. That's C. A is the littlest and C is the biggest, and I'm the medium brother."

Me: "You mean the middle brother? You're right, because you are a big brother and a little brother at the same time. Isn't that great?!"

O: "No, Mom! Not the middle brother! The medium! C is the biggest, and A is the littlest, and I am the mediumest!" 

Hopefully he'll always be this excited about it!

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