Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Well that explains a lot...

O: "Mom! Mom! I know why I was having such bad behavior!"

Me: "Oh really? Why?"

O: "Because I was stuck in un-behave mode!"

Me: "Un-behave mode? What's un-behave mode?"

O: "You know, un-behave mode! But I found the switch, and now I am switched to behave mode!"

Me: "That's great! I wish I had known about this switch so we could have switched you to behave mode a long time ago."

O: "Yeah, mom. And I changed the remote, so now it only has one mode. There isn't even a switch to un-behave mode. Now there's only one mode. Behave mode!"

Me: "I love it! This is the best day ever! Hmmm...I wonder if your brothers are also stuck in un-behave mode..."

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