Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last Day

Today is C's last day of kindergarten! I was so nervous to send him off, and now I can't believe it's over! He's had a great year, made good friends, and I am sad to see it end.

He's a little sad too. As he said yesterday: "Mom...this year is going by too fast. Because Mrs. Bradley is so nice, and tomorrow's the LAST day! And she's just the specialest teacher ever."

To ease the transition, they've been talking a lot in class about how next year the kids can come back and visit their old K room anytime. But since we're planning to move over the summer, for us a visit will involve a drive over to the old school, rather than just popping by on the way to the first grade classroom down the hall. But C loves his teacher, so I promised him we can drive over anytime he likes.

We've also been to tour what will be his new school, assuming the house deal goes through, and where I just saw a regular school, he saw something great. "Mom! This school is so nice!!" I hope he ends up loving it as much as he loves his current school. And that he gets another teacher he likes as much as Mrs. Bradley.

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