Monday, September 26, 2011

All Thumbs

My mom is a great gardener.

I am not.

Every time my mom visits, she brings me a plant. Which is almost always dead the next time she visits. Did I forget to water it? Water it too much? Not enough sun? Too much sun? Who knows? I definitely do not have the magic touch when it comes to plants. My mom always takes the pathetic specimens back home and usually manages to revive them. It's amazing!

So, plants and I have a questionable history. But now that we finally have our own house, I'm hoping to improve. I've managed to keep the hanging plants that the previous owners left behind alive for these last few weeks, although that probably says more about the hardiness of those plants than it does about any improvement in my gardening skills. But, ever hopeful that I will get the knack for gardening, my mom came over this weekend and brought along some chrysanthemums and bulbs to plant in our new front yard. After digging a couple of holes, O lost interest pretty quickly, but C was quite into the whole project and kept announcing "I Love Gardening!!"  Hopefully he'll get the green thumb that seems to have skipped my generation! For now, I'm really enjoying the new additions to our front walk. Hopefully they'll still be alive next week!

And we all can't wait to see if any of those crocuses, tulips, and daffodils come up in the spring! If one afternoon of planting really leads to a spring full of blooms, I might be able to get into this gardening thing. As long as I have C to help me!

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