Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Oh-Oh and Ton-Ton"

Baby A was slow to start talking. We discussed this with our pediatrician at our 15 and 18 month appointments and agreed that we would consider a referral to Early intervention if he didn't start talking in the next few months. Thankfully, over the next few months he did start talking more and more. One day in the fall, I made a list of his words to track his progress. At that time he was saying:

"Sept 19, 2012 -20 months- Dada,  Choo choo, Aff aff (what a dog says), Sit, Up, Uh oh, fall down, Stuck!, Outside, Shoes, Voom (what a car says), Maow (what a cat says), Moo, Wafa (waffle), Plane, Dat (that), Ball, Bup (cup), Off, Train, All done, Where's the ball?, Bar (fruity bar)"

Of note, he was still not saying "mama". Yes, despite me being a SAHM, and nursing Baby A until 19 months, he still had no name for me! It took a few weeks after I made that list, well into 21 months, before he started saying "mama" consistently. And just a couple weeks later he started saying "iPah". At least I beat the addictive purveyor of Thomas apps and videos! But not by much...

Baby A still had no names for his brothers, until last week when he started attempting to say their names. His version: "Oh-Oh!" & "Ton-Ton!" It's so cute to hear him call out to them!  And now that he can identify his brothers, he can also rat them out. After he started crying while playing with C & O in the other room, I heard "WAAAAAHHH!!! Ton-Ton!!! OUCH!!!" Yup. Now he can identify the culprit, who in this case had knocked him off a chair. Only took 23 months for a new player to emerge in the never ending blame game!

I love this phase where every day there is a new word and I can see his language starting to explode. I know soon he will probably say C & O's names correctly, but I never want to forget his first names for them. Baby A still isn't able to say his own name, so for now he calls himself "Baby".

Happy Holidays from "Baby", "Oh-Oh" and "Ton-Ton"

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