Monday, October 24, 2011

We've been BOO-ed!

After years of apartment and townhouse living, I am really loving having our own home. One of the things I am looking forward to the most is finally amassing a collection of decorations for the all the different holidays that the kids enjoy. We didn't have too much for Halloween this season, but luckily the kids were happy to create some handmade decorations for me!

I love the look of our front door now! A closeup of one of the windows will reveal another reason we are loving our new home...

That's right! We've been BOO-ed! Earlier this week, the doorbell rang and the kids were confused to find that no one was there. They soon discovered that a mysterious bag full of candy and Halloween trinkets had been left on our doorstep. A letter of explanation explained that we had been BOO-ed! Our mission, should we choose to accept post the BOO sign on our door, and to BOO two houses that have not yet been BOO-ed.   So off to the store we went to pick up some treats for our version of the BOO bags. The next night the boys couldn't wait for it to get dark enough to head out and BOO some neighbors. They spent the day practicing how they would run away after they rang the doorbell. The stomping feet and giggles that spilled into the house when they came back were sure signs of a mission accomplished! I love living on a street where people BOO each other. I hope this is only the start of the boys growing up with a real sense of community!

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  1. did you say if you've shared your new home via photos somewhere? i love the door though with all the decorations.