Friday, November 11, 2011

Girl Traps

Much of Parents' Night at O's preschool focused on social interactions and group dynamics. O's teachers commented that this year, his pre-K class seems to be unusually focused on boys vs girls games, a phenomenon that they are trying to gently diffuse. Apparently O is right in the thick of the boys group. This was interesting news to Hubby and I because last year O played mostly with the girls, disliking the boys' favorite superhero/villain activities. O's teacher pointed out, "Well, now he's matured and caught up to the rest of the boys." Every day stories come home about how today they played "Bad Guys" or "Catch the Girls." Frankly I wouldn't have minded if he stayed a little immature for longer! But I couldn't help but laugh at this conversation on the way home from school last week.

O: "Mom, guess what I'm going to do at school tomorrow!"

Me: "What?"

O: "I'm going to build Girl Traps!"

Me: "Girl Traps? What's a Girl Trap?"

O: "Well, I'm going to build a cage, and then make some pretend pretty wooden bows! And then when the girls come to take the pretty bows then they'll get trapped in the cage! HA HA HA HA HA!"

Me: "Oh....Well why do you want to do that?"

O: "Because they're girls!! But don't worry Mom. It's just pretend!"

Me: "Hmmm...well, I think the girls might be too smart to get caught in your trap."

O: "No, Mom. They like bows! They'll think the pretend wooden bows are real bows. Because they'll be pretty! And sparkly! And then they'll get caught in the cage!"

(thoughtful pause...)

O: "But maybe you're right, Mom! I know! I'll put a sign on the cage that says "Boys Trap!" That will trick them, because it's really a trap for girls! HA HA HA HA!"

Sigh... Who knew my middle child was such an evil genius? Or that preK girls were so into hair accessories?

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