Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Springtime Splendor!

I've been so thrilled with how our adventure with bulbs is turning out. First the crocuses appeared and now we have beautiful daffodils and tulips! Definitely a success! I had no idea that some of the tulips would be hot pink. I love them! Can't wait to plant even more next fall!


  1. Looks great, JD! I love watching everything bloom and grow in my yard :-)

  2. Oh, you did good work!!! So, you plant in the fall, and they bloom each spring??? Where did you get your bulbs - mail, online, local nursery?

    1. Yes, Sara. We planted all these one afternoon in September and then they came up in the spring! That's my kind of gardening! My mom brought me the bulbs...she's the gardener in the family. I would be lost on my own.