Saturday, June 23, 2012

School's Out!

School's out for the summer! It's been a mixed bag for the kids. They're excited to have vacation but also sad to be leaving their current teachers. I remember those feelings well, so I wasn't too surprised when they were a moody mess to start the week. But we're settling into the groove. I got them each a special "Congrats on finishing the year" present which helped distract them a bit. C got the World Almanac for Kids 2012 edition, which he has been asking for since he used the 2008 one in his classroom--how could I say no to a book request?? O got the game Twister. He first played at his preK end of the year party and hasn't stopped talking about since--it was convenient that I saw it on clearance at the grocery store soon after. I also overloaded our first few free days with playdates so that helped set the tone for fun.

This is our first summer in our new house, and the boys are really enjoying having their own yard to play in. We broke out the sprinkler for the first time a couple days ago and they have asked for it every day since. O has spent so much time on the swing set that he finally learned to pump his own legs and no longer needs to be pushed!! I can not tell you how much this has changed my life. Now instead of whining for me, he just goes out and swings. So awesome!

I am not doing too well with my 10 book summer challenge. I got most of the way through a book that I was really enjoying, but then I put it down and it got kicked under the couch so it was out of sight, out of mind. By the time I found it again, I'd already been sucked into a new obsession--the now defunct show Friday Night Lights, which we have free on demand. Hubby started watching it a few months ago when he was home with a stomach bug and kept raving about how good it was. I had no interest in this show, because why would I want to watch a show about football??? I just ignored his commentary and he ended up watching all five seasons by himself. But then a couple weeks ago, there were no interesting movies on so Hubby suggested that I watch the first episode and see if I liked it. He enjoyed the show so much he was eager to watch it again! I was still skeptical but figured why not? It turns out that while the show is based around a football team, it is really a family drama with a lot of interesting characters. I have gotten totally sucked into it and am now midway through season 3. I'm definitely glad I gave it a chance, and wish I had watched it when it was actually on.  I wonder if it never truly developed a huge fan base because everyone thought it was just about football...poor marketing on their part, because it's so much more than that!

But that book was really good too, so I need to pick it up again! C & O signed up for the summer reading program at the library so they are motivated to read and log their books now. Hope they can get me going again too.

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