Monday, December 9, 2013


Today I volunteered at the boys' school for O's library time. It's really fun to help the kids find and check out books. The hottest titles in the first grade class are definitely Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants for boys and girls alike!

C's 3rd grade classroom happens to be right outside the library, so we spotted him at his locker on the way out to the car. I wouldn't have talked to him, but a couple of the boys in his class said "Hey C, there's your mom!" C  then proudly pointed out Baby A (my ever popular sidekick for library time) to his friends, "That's my littlest brother!"

When I walked by C, I patted his head quickly and said softly, "See you later!"

"Stop that!" he hissed as I walked away.

Later, on the ride home, I asked if I had annoyed him by patting his head. He said yes, because "Moooooommmmm, all my friends were there!!!!"

Welcome to the age of embarrassment...

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  1. great job blogging again! i can't believe our kids are already easily embarrassed by us! i thought that was middle school, but lo and behold, the time is already here.
    you aren't alone :)