Monday, February 8, 2010


O usually is the first of the boys to wake up. In the past, as soon as he was awake, he would come hurtling toward our room and jump right up in our bed. Where we would engage in a battle of wills, in hopes that he would go back to sleep until his brother woke up. But in the last few weeks, O has started staying in his bed a little longer. He starts talking, in the hopes that C will wake up and play with him. Since O has that "it's impossible for me to whisper" 2 year old voice, C usually does wake up in response to the barrage of words coming his way. It's fun to listen to their early morning conversations.

From yesterday morning...

O: "C? Are you awake?"

C: "Mmm...what?"

O: "I had a bad dream about rainclouds."

C: "You did? Why was it bad? Did the cloud rain on you?"

O: "Yes, it rained on my FACE!"

C: "And got in your eye?!"

O: "Yeah! And I had four more dreams too. How many dreams did you have?"

C: "I didn't have any dreams. I had ZERO dreams."

O: "Oh. I had four dreams. One bad dream about rain clouds and then dreams about race cars."

C: "You had dreams about race cars?"

O: "Yeah. Race cars in a show!"

C: "Awesome."

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