Friday, September 10, 2010

Winding Down

Since the boys have now started school, summer is officially winding down. I know there are still technically a couple weeks left, but I always feel that once school starts, fall is here! We've done most of the things on our "Summer Adventures" list, and since we'll be busy with school and our fall extracurricular activities, I don't think we'll cross off anything else.

  1. Move (yikes!)
  2. Explore all of the playgrounds in our new neighborhood (not sure if we've hit them all, but we've been to at least 4!)
  3. Take a family vacation
  4. Swimming lessons
  5. Join the library's summer reading program and read, read, read
  6. Go Strawberry Picking
  7. Go Blueberry Picking
  8. Go on a Treasure Hunt in the Woods
  9. Have a beach day
  10. Go to a minor league baseball game
  11. Go to a local racetrack and see a real car race
  12. Play Minigolf
  13. Bowling
  14. Go for a hike
  15. Visit local Children's Museum
  16. Visit local Science Museum
  17. Visit local Aquarium
  18. Go to preseason football game
  19. Visit Gramma and Grampa
  20. Visit the local farm
  21. Visit Zoo
  22. Host BBQ  
The weather was really beautiful this summer, unlike last year when weeks on end were rainy and cold. So I didn't really feel like taking the boys for indoor adventures. I think we'll save those for the fall. Bowling & Museums here we come!

And don't forget apple and pumpkin picking. I think fall will be pretty fun too!

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