Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quirky Qwirkle

My big boys have been lucky enough to receive quite a few "big brother" gifts since Baby A was born, and the biggest hit so far has been the game Qwirkle. We've played this quite a few times already and I love it because it's fun for adults too. It's like a cross between Uno and dominoes with more complicated score keeping. C loves finding the matches and the grownups love figuring out how to score the most points on each turn. O doesn't quite understand the game yet, but he gets in on the action by passing out the game pieces.  And we all love the thrill of completing a "Qwirkle" (a row containing all 6 matching pieces).

One of C's favorite things to do at the end of the game is to say what he thinks the final pattern looks like, because it works out differently each time.  Here are some of our recent masterpieces with C's descriptions. Don't the brightly colored tiles look so pretty?!

"A one legged dinosaur"

"A weird house with two chimneys"
"A triceratops"

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