Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wasn't in a rush to reach this one!!

While waiting for C to be dismissed, O often plays in the side yard of the school...

Me: "O, if you want to play outside, you need to put on your coat."

O: "No! I don't need a coat! It's warm!"

Me: "It's only 40 degrees. You can either put on your coat, or wait in the car."

O (begrudgingly putting on his coat and stomping out of the car): "I don't need a coat! I don't like you! And I don't love you anymore!"

Yes, there it is. The "I don't love you!" milestone. Wow! That came out of nowhere. Amazingly, I don't think C has yet said this one to me, but here's O coming out with the dagger at just shy of 4!

Me (swallowing a sigh): "That's not very nice. But that's fine. If it's cold, you still need to wear a coat."

O makes a growling sound and then runs off, promptly faceplanting on the sidewalk. After making sure he was ok, I couldn't help but chuckle at the karma of it all. "See, you were mean to Mommy, and look what happened. Let that be a lesson to you..."

I wonder how long before he comes out with "I hate you!"

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