Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

We've really been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather so far this year. This week it's been feeling more like summer than the early days of spring. Amazingly enough, despite my total lack of gardening know-how, we are seeing some flowers in the front yard. It was thrilling to see the very first bloom--our first gardening success in our new home! I immediately took this picture and sent it to my mom! She always told me that I would get excited about gardening when it was for my own yard, and I guess she was right.

Our very first crocus!

It's been even more fun to see more crocuses popping up every where. The boys love counting up the number of flowers we have so far--I think we're up to 52 crocuses!--and they can't wait to see if we'll have similar success with the tulips and daffodils we planted in the fall.

We've also noticed that there are some new leaves popping up in places where we didn't plant anything. It will be interesting to see what those turn out to be. Hopefully a beautiful parting gift from the previous owners of this house.

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