Wednesday, October 27, 2010



That's how I feel about things right now.

My contractions have slowed down, which is great. Thank goodness! But in order to keep them in a manageable state, I've had to really curtail my activity level. No more gym. As few errands as possible. And as much time as I can lying down on the couch. I was just starting to enjoy my 9 hours of kid free time a week, and was happily packing in as many things as possible into that time period. Now I spend that time lying down.


Obviously, I will do whatever it takes to keep this baby growing as long as possible, because in theory, I still have 12 weeks of pregnancy left! But it's difficult to strike the right balance. I'm not officially on bedrest but am supposed to minimize my activity and rest as much as possible. But with 2 boys who have school and activities, a Hubby who works ridiculously long hours, and only me to play chauffeur and nanny, minimal activity is not as easy as it sounds. I feel great in the mornings, but by midday, after taking the kids to school and running an errand on the way home, I am contracting by lunchtime. So far, lying down in the afternoons has been able to get them to stop, but the boys are bored. And so am I.

I could be taking the time to blog, but have been feeling just too grumpy to do so.

One good thing about all this time on the couch...I have done a lot of reading for my book challenge! I'm currently working on book #42. Maybe there is hope for this 50 books in a year thing after all?? Updated reviews of books 31-40 coming soon...

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