Monday, January 25, 2010

C's tale.

Winter seems extra long now that I have two boys cooped up inside all day. They have energy to burn, and it feels like all I do is try to balance active fun with preventing injuries and breaking up fights. Tonight the boys were butting heads and couldn't find a way to play nicely together. So I suggested that C sit down at the table and color or write me a story. C loved this idea and immediately sat down to write me a book. He was so excited that he insisted that I give him at least 11 pages to write on. O didn't want to color, but at least he was able to play with his cars quietly while C was otherwise occupied.

Here is C's tale...

"One day I was walking in the woods"

"In the woods I saw the car Lightning"

"I also saw a train"

"The train took me to Gramma's house"

"I played the game of Labyrinth with Gramma"

"Then I went home. The end"