Thursday, January 7, 2010

What happens to bees in winter?

C rushed into our room at 3:30 this morning, crying "I'm scared!" He told us that he had dreamt that he was being chased by a bee and he was running and running, but eventually he got too tired to run and then the bee stung him. Hubby said very calmly, "there are no bees in winter, so no bee can sting you now. Go back to sleep." As I was rolling my eyes, thinking "that will never work!", C said "Oh. OK." and went back to bed! I guess I shouldn't have been surprised...both C and Hubby are always very logical.

This morning I asked C what happens to bees in the winter, and he said "Oh they probably go and stay in their hive when it's cold." I wasn't sure if that was true, so we looked it up, and it seems like he was right, for honeybees at least.

* * *

Every morning in preK, after signing in, each child uses flash cards to write a sentence on the board in the classroom. So far the flash cards have consisted of a few words ("I", "like", "and") and a variety of pictures to choose from. C's favorite sentence has always been "I like TV" (insert embarrassed Mommy sigh here). He alternates this with some combination of "I like vegetables/maps/vans/books/zoos..." since they aren't allowed to write the same sentence 2 days in a row, but always comes back to the TV picture at least once or twice a week.

Yesterday they introduced a new "do not" card and I was excited to see what C would write. But he wrote his typical "I like TV." I asked him why he didn't use the new "do not" card and he glowered at me and said, "Because I didn't want to! I will try it tomorrow!" So this morning O and I waited patiently while C rummaged through the bin of flashcards. He seemed to be searching intently, so I was very curious to see if he would branch out from his usual sentence and actually use the new card today. When he was finished, he came running over to me very proudly and asked me to look at his sentence. When I saw it, I couldn't help but burst out laughing. He had written "I DO NOT like BEES!"

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