Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm thinking of an animal...

While we were in the car today, C suggested that we play a guessing game. Since we were on our way to an unfamiliar destination and I was concentrating on the road, I suggested that the two boys play on their own.

C: "I'm thinking of an animal that is a pet!"

O: "A COW!!!!"

C: (sigh...) "No, O, a cow is not a pet. I said, I am thinking of an animal that is a pet."

O: "ummm....A TIGER!!"

C: "O, a tiger is NOT a pet. Try again."

O: "A LION!!!"

C: (even longer sigh...) "No."


C: (whining) "MOOOOOOM, I said I am thinking of a pet. How come he's not guessing a pet?!"

Me: "Well, some people keep parrots as pets, so that was a good guess."

C: (getting more and more agitated) "No it wasn't!!!! O doesn't know how to play!! Now you have to guess, Mom!!!"

Me: "Is it a cat?"

C: "YES!!!"

Phew! Crisis averted!

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