Friday, January 8, 2010

Snowball box?

In the past, C showed little interest in drawing, saying "I can't do it!" or producing the same scribble for any object. But recently he seems newly inspired and is more confident in his drawing skills. I credit his school for this, as they do quite a few artsy projects. This week they all cut out and decorated snowmen, and then were also encouraged to draw their own snowman. When he told me about this, I asked him if he could also draw me one to hang on the fridge. He said "Mommy, I will draw you a snowman, and LOTS of other things too!" Here are a few of the drawings he produced. Clearly, C especially loves to draw things that he also knows how to spell, because he loves to put captions on his work! I love seeing how his mind works...I guess he needs a box to store his snowballs!

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  1. These are great! You must keep these, great memories!