Saturday, January 30, 2010


A few funnies from my 2 year old...

During a family Rockband Wii session, he didn't want to sing or play along, and announced...
"I want to watch. Watching is my favorite instrument."

* * *

In the midst of an endless breakfast tantrum that had already screamed its way through the topics of wanting a different spoon, his bib being crooked, and a chunk of peach falling back into the yogurt container...
O: "WAAAAAHHHHHH! Mommy!!! WAAAAAAH!!! I have a problem!!"
Me: "What is it now?"
O: "There are drips on my cheeks! You have to wipe the drips off my cheeks!"
Me: "Oh, do you have yogurt on your face?"
O: "NO! There are different drips! Wipe them! Wipe them! WAAAAAAH!"
(At which point I realized that the drips on O's cheeks were TEARS!)
Me: "O, if you would just stop screaming and crying about everything, you won't have anymore tear drips on your cheeks!"
O: "Oh..."
Tantrum ends while I do my best to contain my giggles!

* * *

Attempting to tell a joke he heard on TV, but clearly not getting it quite right...
O: "What do you call a chicken mowing the lawn on a windy day?"
Me: "What?"
O: "A windy car!! A HA HA HA HA HA HA!"
O falls to the floor laughing while I remain confused.

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