Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deep Thoughts

O crawled into our bed at some point early this morning. I usually wake up when I hear him coming down the hall, but this morning I was surprised when I awoke at 6AM to him chattering very loudly next to me. I tried to feign sleep, but O just kept rambling on and on.

"And then there was a Lego Mack, and a Lego Lightning, and then we couldn't find the wheels and then C said we should try something else, and then I looked for the other one, and then...."

I didn't know what he was talking about since I had clearly missed the beginning of this conversation. Was he telling me what he did yesterday? Was he recounting a dream? I mumbled "O, it's too early. Go back to sleep." but he just kept talking and talking and talking.

"...And then there was a book, but the page came out but then C found it and put it back in, and then I looked at it, and there was a mermaid, and she was fishing and then..."

Five minutes later he was still talking and I had a brewing headache! I finally said "O, why are you still talking? Mommy is sleeping!" And he said...

"But Mommy, I haven't finished telling you about ALL of the toys in the house yet!"

Time to get up.


  1. This made me laugh. It sounds very, very familiar!

  2. Oh my, all the toys in the house...I guess he could have continued for a while ;-)