Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hints of Spring?

Today was on the warmer side and most of the ice leftover from the last snowstorm has finally melted, so after lunch we ventured out into the yard for the first time in days. C plays outside everyday at school, but since I don't particularly enjoy the cold, O has been significantly deprived of fresh air lately. I really need to work on that!

Oh, to be a kid again, when all you need to have fun is...

...a few good rocks to add to your collection.

...a mess of sticks blown down during the last storm. These can be collected to make "a bird's nest" in the driveway. Or thrown in the garbage can if you are willing to comply with Mommy's "clean up the yard" game.

...something to run circles around while pretending you are in a grand prix auto race (a car, slide, or a leftover snowbank will do the job nicely). Of note, Mommy must properly wave a stick or mitten at the starting gate to begin the race, otherwise it doesn't count.

I brought a book outside, in an attempt to get started on achieving my 50 books in a year goal, but I didn't read a single page. I was having too much fun watching the boys running around. Besides, it really is a lot of work to organize a grand prix race, what with the starting gate duties, announcing the lap numbers, calling for pit stops to change tires, and declaring the winners (there are always two--one in the 2 year old category and one in the 4 year old category). Frankly, by the end, I was worn out. And I didn't even run at all. Maybe next time I should put C in charge of the race, and I'll run the laps.

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  1. i agree that it is hard to get outside when the weather is so cold. my kid and my dogs get deprived because of it!
    good luck on your 50 books goal.